Responsible catering

Fresha’s values as a responsible caterer

Fresha was founded on the ethos of delivering freshly prepared, high quality foods that are full of flavour in a sustainable way, through all of our catering services. The underlying values of Fresha’s stance as a responsible caterer are that:

  • We care about all of our customers across all of our catering services, we demonstrate this by offering them healthy choices across our entire range of menus, including our range of handcrafted sandwiches, wholesome meals, appetising breakfasts and varied buffets.
  • We take responsibility for sourcing high quality fresh foods and raw ingredients available in season from ethical, accredited suppliers located in the West Country. These suppliers include our fresh fruit and vegetable supplier and award winning raw meat supplier who are both Red Tractor assured; and our premium quality sausage supplier who holds BRC A grade accreditation.
  • We take total responsibility for what is in our foods – this includes not only the purchase of the ingredients but also the preparation and cooking methods – for example roasting our own locally reared meats, rather than sourcing prepacked cooked meats
  • We believe in the mantra “you are what you eat” and recognise that the food that we consume fundamentally affects our levels of energy, concentration and activity. Our chefs and team are aware that the food we create is ingested into the bodies of our customers. At Fresha we therefore feel duty bound to take responsibility for ensuring we offer our customers the best quality food choices available for them to consume and digest.
  • We care about the communities in which we operate and deliver value back into these communities, evidenced by our corporate social responsibility policy and our sponsoring of and investment in local projects
  • We are environmentally conscious, demonstrated by our regional sourcing and strict waste management policies 

All of our business and operational decisions are based on these values, because they benefit all parts of our customer base, in our retail and café locations, through our private and public sector contract catering services and also in the preparation of thousands of school meals for children in the area. The school children to whom we provide school meals benefit from the nutritional value of the same high quality, fresh sources of supply as all of our customers. We know that children are less able to control what they eat and need additional support in making the right food choices when they are able to. So, like all of our customers, the children we serve consume high quality premium meals, in child-size portions hand made by our chefs and cooks on the day of consumption. 

How being a responsible catering company benefits our customers

In season, fresh, raw ingredients handcrafted on the day of eating, means that your Fresha meal is providing you with the highest levels of nutrients and vitamins. Our chefs do not use any prepared fillings or artificial preservatives in any of our foods, meaning that you consume only quality whole foods freshly made just for you.

We have a duty of care to support you in making healthy choices. When you choose Fresha, you are choosing a healthy, fresh and nutritionally balanced meal. This applies to our snacks and sandwiches that are eaten on the go and also to the menus and buffets we serve in our Exeter café and via our contract catering services. 

In a society that is pre-occupied with diet trends and health concerns resulting from food excess – Fresha offers a haven of positive, nutritious, tasty and appealing food choices, from our range of delicious menus.

Why is Fresha a responsible caterer? Because what you eat matters.