With our passion for providing excellent catering services, Fresha’s school meals provision is based on the objectives of giving schoolchildren the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, nutritious and tasty lunchtime meal, whilst meeting the rigorous requirements of the School Food Plan.     

Since the launch of the plan, healthy eating school food standards have become mandatory in maintained schools, new academies and free schools, setting out minimum legal requirements for all food and drink served in schools to ensure children eat healthier food. 

Ofsted has stated it will be working with the School Food Plan team to ensure its inspectors are trained and able to check that healthy eating guidelines are being adhered to. It is more important than ever that schools achieve these standards – and that’s where we come in.  

Fresha takes the pressure off the school, preparing fresh, nourishing meals daily at the school kitchen or in our own Exeter kitchens, using locally sourced ingredients that meet the required Government's school food standards.

While Fresha is absolutely committed to the requirements of the Food School Plan and the need for the right nutritional balance, we don’t compromise on flavour or tempting presentation. After all, children can be the fussiest of customers; they know what they like and we want them to enjoy what we make for them. A well-fed child is a happy child and one that will be more eager to learn.

We are already making and delivering school meals to a number of schools in the region, working in close partnership with them to design outstanding menus. 

Our aim is to ensure that every student not only has the opportunity to enjoy a healthy lunchtime meal, but also takes an interest in the food they are eating. 

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