Healthy children learn better, through improved concentration and energy levels.

Healthy diets result in improved behaviour and attendance at school.

Need a new catering company…?

  • Select a responsible contract caterer, because what your children eat matters.
  • Choose a catering company that will provide your school with nutritionally balanced, appetising and tasty lunches.

By appointing a responsible catering company that serves school meals packed with nutrition and also provides a positive lunchtime experience, your school can benefit from a long term and positive working relationship with a contract caterer.

Fresha recognises that schools are under resourced and under pressure to oversee the welfare of all their children, especially vulnerable children. Fresha will provide your children with the most nutritious school meal available, benefitting the health and learning of all children. We want to make a positive difference.

If anyone needs a nutritious, healthy diet, it is children. For many children, their school lunch is their main meal of the day. Fresha takes responsibility for ensuring that this meal is as balanced and nutritionally beneficial as possible. After a nutritious lunch children maintain better concentration and energy in the afternoons – a well fed child is a happier child that will be more eager to learn.

Fresha believes in the mantra “you are what you eat”. Our school meals are approved by an independent certified nutritionist and are made from regional produce, which is responsibly sourced. We will feed you the truth about the origins of the food in our school meals. We are a responsible contract caterer. We hold ourselves openly accountable for providing your children with the best possible school meals, because what your children eat matters to us.

We are experienced school meal caterers. Our considerable experience with a wide range of schools has helped us to developed catering service models that suit all schools. We currently provide meals to small and large city schools, in addition to rural schools. They range in their size and facilities, but all receive the same excellent standards of catering that provides the children with real nutritional value.

Since switching to Fresha’s school lunches, all of our schools have benefited from an increase in the numbers of school meals taken each week and often tell us how delighted they are with the improvements experienced in the classroom. This is because our food is both nutritious and delicious.

In addition to school lunches, we also prepare delicious packed lunches, breakfasts and food for after school clubs. The hospitality and buffet options we deliver for teachers, staff, governors and PTFA meetings and events come from our exceptional conference and event catering menus.

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Exceeding school food standards

Fresha’s school meal catering exceeds the requirements of the school food plan, whilst remaining within school budgets and the government recommended cost of a school meal. Fresha’s school meals have been measured as being nutritionally superior to lunches offered by other school catering companies.

Our carefully designed seasonal menus are put together by Fresha’s chefs and also our nutritionist. Our menus incorporate the required portions of fruit and seasonal vegetables; milk and dairy; starchy food; and meat, fish and proteins. Our meals are low in fat, low in sugar and low in salt. They are also carefully planned to ensure that the children maintain the right balance of energy and concentration levels for their afternoons of learning.

The school food plan only requires caterers to assess their meals nutritional value over a week. At Fresha we assess our menus on a daily basis as we recognise that not all school children eat school lunches 5 days per week. Fresha’s approach means that our schools benefit from daily balance and nutrition in their menus, which has a positive impact on the children that consume our meals.

Benefits of engaging Fresha to provide your school meals

  • Although Fresha provides a premium, high quality school catering service, we are usually more cost effective than the competition
  • Your school will benefit from the healthiest, most responsible, school meal provision available, which will exceed school food standards.
  • Freshly prepared healthy school meals ensure pupils have energy and concentration in the afternoons, enabling them to get the most out of their learning and activities.
  • Our allergen training and processes ensure that kitchen staff identify individual children with specific dietary and allergen requirements and ensure that these requirements are met.
  • Fresha has a flat management structure and school managers will be located within a few miles of your school
  • We will support school activities and lessons around food
  • We will provide free catering for new starters sessions
  • All school kitchen staff will hold enhanced DBS certificates and receive safeguarding training
  • Fresha will work with your existing payment systems and mechanisms
  • Our employees are trained to interact and engage positively with children – encouraging good meal choices and clean plates at the end of each sitting.
  • Fresha aims to ensure that every child not only has the opportunity to enjoy a healthy school lunch, but also takes an interest in the food that they are eating.

As Fresha’s Owner and Director, I strongly and passionately believe in the delivery of healthy and nutritious meals to children. I have two boys that attend a local state primary school, the supply of nutritious meals to children is a cause close to my heart. The same is true for many of Fresha's staff, whose children also attend Devon schools. Under my direction, the whole Fresha team works together, in a caring and diligent way to provide the best school meals possible. Because what your children eat matters.

I would love the opportunity to share my passion for school meals with you and your team. Please email me at to arrange a meeting. I would love to hear from you.