Finger buffets

Minimum order quantity, 5 of each product.  

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for finger buffets, 48 hours for the Gourmet Taste.

The Traditional Taste

£7.25 + VAT

Homemade Scotch eggs with curried mayonnaise, selection of delicious sliced filled tortilla wraps, Fresha sausage rolls, chicken skewers with a lemon and lime marinade, cheese and pepper frittata slices, mango & brie parcels, selection of crudités and Devon chutneys


The Classic Taste

£7.95 + VAT

Selection of freshly roasted meats, flavoured breads with olive oil & balsamic, breaded butterfly king prawn with tomato & smoked garlic chutney, caramelised red onion and goats cheese tartlets, fig and blue cheese skewers with a thyme drizzle, Peppadews filled with cream cheese, chopped fresh basil and chives, grilled chicken skewers with a fruit glaze, handmade bite sized cakes.


The Gourmet Taste

£11.75 + VAT

Gin cured salmon and pickled cucumber, Crab, orange and basil arancini, Smoked haddock scotched eggs, Rare roast 28 day hung beef, Honey mustard glazed home baked ham, Tandoori chicken skewers with a yoghurt and mint dip, Goat’s cheese and fig chutney tartlets, Selection of flavoured breads.

Minimum 48 hrs notice required .


Traditional Antipasto Platter

£7.95 + VAT

Selection of cured meats, variety of cheeses and Devon chutneys with grapes, marinated tomatoes and roasted peppers, honeydew melon slices, olives and Peppadews, ciabatta bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.


Gourmet Antipasto Platter

£9.75 + VAT

A selection of British, Italian and French Charcuterie, Chargrilled artichoke, Flavoured breads, Olive oil and Balsamic, Smoked Ratatouille Chutney, Stuffed pepperdews, Local cheeses, Olives & Grapes


The Big Fill!

£6.75 + VAT

Gourmet filled baguettes with a variety of Fresha fillings, award winning Devon steak pasties, vegetarian pasties, homemade pork sausage rolls