Sandwich platters

Minimum order quantity, 5 of each product.

Traditional Sandwiches

£3.55 + VAT

A range of traditional fillings on white and wholemeal breads


Classic Sandwiches

£3.95 + VAT

A range of classic fillings on white and wholemeal breads


Gourmet Sandwiches

£4.95 + VAT

Our finest range of sandwich fillings on white and wholemeal breads

Sandwiches will be prepared using hand cut white and wholemeal breads, filled with a selection of vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat fillings.  If you would like a particular mix of fillings (i.e. 50% vegetarian) please let us know in the order notes during the checkout process.

Examples of our gourmet sandwich fillings:

Beef & Stilton
Rare roasted beef, cider apple chutney, grated Stilton & rocket

Buffalo Mozzarella  (vegetarian)
Buffalo Mozzarella, beef tomato, pesto mayonnaise

Cray Fish and Avocado
Crayfish, avocado mayonnaise & baby mixed leaf

Moroccan spiced aubergine pate (vegan)
Aubergine, sundried tomato, cucumber and mixed leaf 

New Yorker
Pastrami, Swiss cheese, mustard mayo, pickled cabbage & gherkins

Ploughman’s (vegetarian)
Smoked applewood, cider apple chutney, tomato, cucumber and mixed leaf

Prawn, Smoked Salmon and Dill Crème Fraise
Prawns, smoked salmon, dill and lemon crème frais, cucumber & watercress

Sweet potato, squash & mango  (vegan)
Sweet potato, butternut squash, onion, mango chutney, coriander and mixed leaf

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Classic Sandwich and Snack Selection

£6.65 + VAT

A range of traditionally filled sandwiches, Fresha cocktail sausages, vegetarian Samosas, spring rolls with a sweet chilli dip, crudités with Devon chutney dip


The Variety

£6.25 + VAT

Classic & gourmet sandwiches on white and wholemeal breads, crudités garnish, hand made cakes, slices of fresh fruit


The Chunky Variety

£6.45 + VAT

Hand cut white and wholemeal breads with over-generous classic fillings, freshly baked muffins, selection of whole fruit


Pure Indulgence

£5.65 + VAT

A selection of filled ciabatta bread, an assortment of handmade bite sized cakes 


Simply Healthy

£5.65 + VAT

Light on everything but flavour!  Filled wraps, crudités garnish, slices of fresh fruit


Chunky Sandwiches

£3.95 + VAT

Thick hand cut bread with over-generous classic fillings